ARTSies Etiquette

Parents of ARTSies attendees should familiarize themself with the following important information. Please refer to our registration form for the complete list of policies and procedures.




Children should bring a water bottle to class with their name on it. No other drinks please.

There will be a short snack break each evening of Performance Programs. Please send nut-free snacks only. We will advise of any other allergies in the particular group if needed.

Children should wear comfortable clothing they can move well in.

Shoes should also be comfortable and appropriate for movement/dancing, and active theatre games.

On rainy days and during the winter months, please ensure children bring a clean, dry pair of indoor shoes into which to change.

No electronics please! Our goal is to get students away from screen time, active with their bodies, engaging their brain, and connecting with others. If it is absolutely necessary to send a phone to coordinate pick up, it must stay in their bag during class time.



General Etiquette


Please ensure children arrive 15 minutes before class begins each night so that we can begin promptly on time.

ARTSies promotes an inclusive environment that allows students to feel accepted and safe while having fun. We encourage all students to be respectful towards peers, staff, and the space we are in. Behavioural issues encountered during the program will be brought to the attention of parents. We will do our best to work with parents to resolve problems; however, if we are not successful in coming up with a solution, it may ultimately result in removal from the program if problems persist.

Any personal items left behind will be taken home with the Directors and brought back the following week. Because we are operating out of a shared community space, nothing will be left at the church.



Absences & Cancellations


Absences should be reported in advance via email or phone. We ask that every child try not to be absent more than once per session, barring anything urgent. Team work is an essential part of what we do, and it is difficult to accomplish our goal if team members are missing.

Absences may result in a reduced role in the performance as there will not be time to catch up students on what they missed.

If an emergency arises and a private vocal lesson is canceled at the last minute, it can be made-up through an online lesson via Skype or FaceTime, assuming both the instructor and student can find an appropriate time to reschedule.



Tiny Tots


Parents of Tiny Tots (3-5 years old) must stay on the premises during the half hour class to assist with bathroom or diaper changes as needed. There will be an area to sit outside the classroom.