Imagine a group of children working together as a determined, focused team to reach a goal. In the process, they learn to celebrate their own unique strengths, and those of their peers. Each individual child will experience success, build skills, gain self-confidence, and create friendships that will last a lifetime! 


ARTSies provides musical theatre education and exciting performance opportunities for children in grades 1 through High School. Each 11-week session culminates in a performance of a musical theatre production chosen specifically for the group, with the objective to provide EVERY student the opportunity to SHINE! Whether you are experienced in the performing arts, or have never tried anything like this before, there is a place for you in our ARTSies community! 


Check out some action shots from our 2017/2018 Shows!

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“Everyone is together, and we work together to create this. But we’re all different in some kind of way, and we all embrace it. So the motto of ARTSies is to be yourself.”
— Michelle, grade 8 ARTSie
“ARTSies is the program I have been looking for and couldn’t find. It has everything you could ask for, dancing, acting, singing and so much more and the best part is that it’s taught by people who are professionals and have done this for a living. My three daughters love this program, and so do I... For me this program is so much more than just theater, its teaching my children about arts, public speaking, confidence and responsibilities. Huge fan!”
— Nancy Defilippis-Sampogna, Parent
“Best directors in the world! Love you Libby and Joey and team! Thank you so much for all the hard work, patience, mentorship, and care you give to our kids. You have no idea what a big role and positive influence you are in their lives. We are so lucky to have you!!!!”
— Laura Nenych, Parent


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