Sing. Act. Dance.

Be Yourself. 


Imagine a group of children working together as a determined, focused team to reach a goal. In the process, they learn to celebrate their own unique strengths, and those of their peers. Each individual child will experience success, build skills, gain self-confidence, and create friendships that will last a lifetime!

ARTSies provides musical theatre education and exciting performance opportunities for children in grades one through high school. Each 11-week session culminates in the performance of a musical theatre production chosen specifically for the group, with the objective to provide EVERY student the opportunity to SHINE! Additionally, we offer a completely unique experience for pre-k/kinder aged children, as well as high quality technique classes to build our students’ skills.

Whether you are experienced in the performing arts, or have never tried anything like this before, there is a place for you in our ARTSies community!  


In today's world, more than ever, children need:

  • Opportunities to connect with others, instead of their screens

  • Space to be confident in their ability to make creative choices, without fear of judgment

  • Time to be active with their bodies, and mindful of their thoughts

ARTSies is designed to address these concerns. Our goal is to provide top-notch arts education in a FUN, inclusive environment — a community where all involved feel safe, accepted, and confident! Our approach fosters the development of many life skills, such as creative thinking, perseverance, social connections, leadership, risk-taking, teamwork, focus and self-regulation. These valuable skills will serve our students in any future endeavour.

Whether you are serious about this field as a career, or simply want to try something new, there is a place for you here! And, once you’re an ARTSie, you will always be an ARTSie!


Upcoming Events

Details for next Summer will be revealed in December!

Summer Camps

Theatre camp sessions are two weeks in length- filled with singing, acting, dancing, friends, and fun! Each session wraps up with an amazing final performance, and each session is a DIFFERENT show!


Performance Programs

Our original programs cater to Juniors, Intermediates and Teens. Each 11 week session finishes in an amazing Musical Theatre Performance!

Technique Classes

30-minute and 1-hour classes to improve vocal music, piano skills, and dance techniques and get your ARTSie stage ready!

Tiny Tots Classes

Do you know a 3-5 year old who LOVES to move and groove? This class will have them exploring creativity, imagination, characters, making friends, and having FUN!

ARTSies is the program I have been looking for and couldn’t find. It has everything you could ask for, dancing, acting, singing and so much more and the best part is that it’s taught by people who are professionals and have done this for a living. My three daughters love this program, and so do I... For me this program is so much more than just theater, its teaching my children about arts, public speaking, confidence and responsibilities. Huge fan!
— Nancy Defilippis-Sampogna, Parent