In today's world, more than ever, children need:

-Opportunities to connect with others, instead of their screens

-Space to be confident in their ability to make creative choices, without fear of judgment

-Time to be active with their bodies, and mindful of their thoughts

ARTSies is designed to address these concerns. A community where all involved feel safe, accepted, and confident, our goal is to provide top-notch arts education in a FUN, inclusive environment! Our approach fosters the development of many life skills, such as creative thinking, focus and self-regulation, perseverance, social connections, leadership, risk-taking, and working well with others. These valuable skills will serve our students in any future endeavor. Whether you are serious about this field as a career, or simply want to try something new, there is a place for you here! And, once you’re an ARTSie, you will always be an ARTSie!

“We are so lucky to have ARTSies in the Markham community. Libby and Joey are amazing! They work hard each week to create a safe and supportive environment where kids can be themselves at their best. Kids are taught how to make and maintain friendships based on common interests and building each other up. Libby and Joey stress the importance of team building. The improv games and activities give children real life examples that “the show must go on.” I really appreciate how Libby and Joey take the time to get to know each child, and tailor their instruction and feedback so each one of them will shine...
I’m thrilled we found ARTSies, and can’t wait till the next session starts!”
— Alison Campbell, Parent